When it comes to public life, there is a concept I learned from great North Carolinians such as the late Terry Sanford and former Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Dickson Phillips, as well as from my parents: being right when it matters.  Because members of the General Assembly failed the test of being right when it matters all North Carolina citizens are now forced to decide whether they are for or AGAINST what is known as Amendment One and whether they will take the time to cast their vote.

What each of us does right now on Amendment One matters.  I am voting against Amendment One because I know so many wonderful families headed by same-sex parents, because I know its passage will hurt North Carolina’s business climate, because I know the autonomy of religious institutions to define marriage as they see fit (a right I strongly support) is not at issue. 

There are more reasons, many more, I could give for being AGAINST Amendment One.  But I think its more helpful for me to give the link to a website with great information about the campaign AGAINST Amendment One.   In addition, I’ve given three leading voices in the campaign AGAINST Amendment One the opportunity to making a “closing argument” as to why the referendum should be defeated.  Please listen, share with others and, above all, please vote AGAINST Amendment One.

You can listen to the show by clicking here and playing Hampton’s April 11, 2012 show.