No one has ever claimed that traveling was the easiest venture. Our visit to Naples became difficult for a reason no one had expected or warned us about. No, we didn’t get mugged, nothing got stolen, we didn’t get lost, overall it was an enjoyable place to see, full of culture and a seemingly more realistic portrayal of italian life.

Coty (right) and I before she had to leave (in front of Mt. Vesuvius)

However, as life goes when it is least expected things tend to change dramatically, quickly and often painfully. Sunday, the third person on our trip got a call telling her that her grandmother had passed away the previous day. Heartbreaking news for anyone, but especially from thousands of miles away. She, as anyone would, quickly made reservations to fly back into North Carolina to be there for the services and for her family

This post is not just to lament on our and her misfortune but instead to share one of the hardest parts of travel…leaving the unknown at home. We are far away and we have no guarantee that things will be the same when we get back, instead we rely on faith. The scariest part of traveling has turned out not to be fear of what could happen to us here but instead not being there if something happens at home.
The two of us pressed forward to Positano on the Amalfi Coast with heavy hearts for the loss of Coty on our trip and for her loss of her beloved grandmother. Positano became exactly what we needed. It is a tiny beach town built vertically on giant cliffs with the most stunning views I’ve ever seen. It is perfect place to relax–other than the thousands of steps climbed between the villas and the beach.

Chrissy climbing all the stairs

After wandering through small streets filled with limoncello, gelaterias and art shops, we decided to take a private boat tour exploring the grottos and picturesque coastal towns of Amalfi and Ravello. It was the first time we have made no plans to tour anything specific but just let the day come to us–and it ended up being one of the best days yet. If you had just one day in Italy, go to Positano. It truly is paradise.


On our boat cruise, in front of Positano