After attending a few recent meetings in town and hearing about a few others, this favorite quote came to mind:

Any jackass can kick down a bard, but only a good carpenter can build one.

It seems many people want to complain, blame, criticize, make fun, rip apart and tear down people, policies, departments, organizations and whatever else comes their way.  

With no ideas or plans for making things better – no intention of doing anything to make it so. 

Or if they do – their way is the only way.  No interest in listening or understanding other points of view.

A bunch of jackasses kicking down barns and getting in the way of building  new ones.

Do you have any jackasses on your team?

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone on your team was helping you build barns instead of just kicking them down?

For a few tips on this see  10 Tips for Helping Jackasses Become Good Carpenters.   And if you have any tips to add, will you share them with me?