GUYS! This has been a week weirdly full of comic book news, so I’m doing a whole post of news round-up! There will be something here to get everyone excited! (I clearly am, judging by the number of exclamation points and times I use the word “awesome” in the following.)

–First up: Ed Brubaker (author of many awesome series mentioned here many times) has two tv shows in the works. They both sound interesting and I have no worries about his creative input—but it’s the kicker of that article that has me psyched—there’s going to be a movie of Coward! Coward is part of Brubaker’s series Criminal—each volume is basically a stand-alone story, but the characters and plotlines all intersect, so all are worth reading.  Coward is volume 1 of the noir-ish series, focusing on a thief involved in a very crazy heist.  Highly recommended reading and I can’t wait to see the movie version.

–Good news for fans of comics and awesome animated tv shows—Boom Studios, who does the Adventure Time comic book, is going to put out a Fionna and Cake miniseries! If you don’t know why that is great news, you need to start watching Adventure Time, stat.  There is also going to be a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic book, which apparently has the highest number of pre-orders EVER. I kind of love that a tv show about pony friends is so beloved by basically everyone.

–And for those into the underground comics scene, R Crumb and Aline Kominsky-Crumb has put out a book of their collaborative comics . I’m way more a fan of hers—she was one of the pioneers of ladies doing autobiographical comics, which is basically a cottage industry these day (not that I am complaining about that!), but obviously he has a huuuuuge fanbase. That link has an excerpt that’s worth checking out—they’re very funny and touching together.

–SHIELD tv show news! Spoilers! He’s ALIVEEEEEEEE.

Why should you love romance comics? Sequential Crush is really one of the best comic book blogs out there—fascinating social commentary on some very silly stuff sometimes.

–A bunch of Vertigo news, blah blah whatever, OHMYGOD UNWRITTEN/FABLES CROSSOVER. This idea is PERFECT. Unwritten is amazing, why aren’t you reading it?

Archie meets Glee, because of course. Archie can always be counted on to be slightly behind the times with its pop culture references! But is Brittany supposed to look like a cardboard cutout?

More  legal wrangling between Warner Brothers and the estate of Joe Shuster. And here is a legal view about it. I don’t really understand this, but it makes me sad. Doesn’t Warner make enough money off of Superman without ownership? But like I said, I don’t really get the details.

— Finally , on a cooler note, I will admit to not being a huge Chris Ware fan (his stuff is tooooo depressing), but I am so intrigued by Building Stories — or is that my latent love of dollhouses coming out? Look at this AMAZING model! The details! I mean, I am literally amazed. I need this as a Hanukkah present, ok?