Before the interview
  1. Go by office before the interview and pay attention to what people are wearing. 
  2. For an office environment wear a suit and blouse combination. Cotton blends work well in the summer and wool blends in the winter. 
  3. Have your suit and blouse professional dry cleaned. It does make a difference! Try them on before the interview. You will feel more confident when you are not concerned with how your clothes look.
  4.  Bring an extra copy of your resume and make sure you have reviewed your work history and can speak knowledgably about it.
The day of the interview 
  1. Brush your teeth or chew minty gum before the interview. Make sure to get rid of gum before the interview. 
  2. Look your interviewer in the eye when you meet. It conveys trust.
  3. Smile. A smile conveys that you are friendly and open, two important good qualities. 
  4. Extend your hand. Shake hands with the same pressure it takes to indent a toothpaste tube.
  5. Be prepared to engage in small talk. Ask who, what, where, how and why questions about the other person. Example, “Where are you from originally?” 
  6. Relax and be confident! Remember you are a very special person worthy of this job and many others.