Wondering what’s coming up on WCHL’s weekend programming? We’ve got a preview for you. Tune in this weekend to catch them on their air or click the links below to check them out now!

Your Health
Saturday and Sunday at 9am and 5pm
Special guest host Dr. Amir Barzin, Chief Resident Physician at UNC Family Medicine, and Cristy talk with Dr. James Finch, Past President of the North Carolina Society of Addiction Medicine, about Marijuana Use & Abuse. Listen now.

Who’s Talking
Saturday and Sunday at 5am, 1pm and 10pm

The death of Robin Williams brought back memories of his time in Chapel Hill making the film Patch Adams. A few years ago I talked with Woody Durham, Kimball King, and the late William Friday about Chapel Hill’s connections with the film-making business as it was featured on a calendar produced by the Chapel Hill Historical Society. I wanted to hear that conversation again and share it with you.  Listen now.

Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 am and 6pm
This week, Jay and Liz talk with Ellen Clevenger-Firley, Southern Season Cooking School Manager, to talk about her diverse career led her from being a Home Economics teacher, to a registered dietician, to culinary school student, to a cooking school manager. Listen now.

Sports Focus
Saturday and Sunday at 11am

Two major events rocked the collegiate athletics world this past week: The ruling on the Ed O’Bannon case that prohibited colleges from denying payments to athletes and the NCAA’s decision to allow the “Big Five” conferences to exercise more autonomy. Separately, these events are already major news, but acting together, they could flip the structure of college athletics as we know it. In the studio this week to discuss these developments is Ellen Staurowsky, Professor of Sports Management at Drexel University. Listen now.

Today’s Business
Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm
Maintaining a healthy colon is essential for good health. Tune in to hear Miss Lou Umscheid Owner of Colon Health Center discuss tips on regaining or maintaining a healthy colon. Listen now.

The Art of Potential
Saturday and Sunday at 2pm

Are you a good public speaker? Most people don’t know that public speaking is not only a very valuable skill, it’s also marketable. Betsy Smith of E.L. Consulting is back in the studio this week to talk about about the steps you can take to become a professional speaker. Listen now.

Caring Connections
Saturday and Sunday at 10am and 7pm

Join Karin Cross, speaker, teacher, and life coach, to talk about older adults and the workforce. Listen now.