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Short List Voting: Best Place To Dine Outside

Short List Voting: Best Place To Dine Outside

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Plenty of sites and publications offer “best of” lists and top ten awards, but how many let YOU vote on the best businesses and locations around your town? After all, it is YOUR town. Who else is more qualified to choose?’s Short List is a monthly award decided entirely by the readers and residents in YOUR community. We’ve been collecting your submissions for the month of July for “The Best Place To Dine Outside” and now it’s time to vote on the top spots! We’ll announce the winners on Tuesday July 30th! The voting period goes from July 16th to July 25th!

The voting period for this month has ended!


  1. Eszter

    Very nice, whimsical, artful, nice vibe, grant little garden

  2. Edward Owen

    Nice garden deck without pedestrians or traffic

  3. Josh

    I like eating at Crooks in the rain! Yes, the open part in the center makes it feel as if you are on a side porch during a summer shower..just great!

  4. Emma Dunbar

    Beautiful, great food, fantastic atmosphere and always parking

  5. Rachel

    Perfection in outdoor eating.

  6. Georgene

    Best salads ever! Wonderful staff!

  7. Branko

    The food is always excellent and there are often good specials. The service is also great. I highly recommend it!

  8. Henry

    Great, relaxed atmosphere. The food and service is some of the best in Chapel Hill!


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