Don’t know what a spaghetti belly is?

It’s a way to instantly tone your abdomen.

People are sweating and crunching and planking their bellies into submission, when there is an easy fix that lends healthier results. And it starts with a bowl of spaghetti.

Think about your pelvis as a spaghetti bowl. Drop the spaghetti on your toes, spill it over your heels, or tip it down the side of one leg, and it doesn’t create a pretty picture.


Now imagine that spaghetti bowl on a table. It’s a level surface. And that’s what we need to do with our pelvis.


The chain reaction of benefits from getting your pelvis level:

  • Core muscles sweep in and up
  • The waist can nip in
  • Loose hip flexors, happier knees
  • Active glutes, so your booty looks rounder
  • Stable pelvic floor, better pelvic function
  • Relaxed shoulders

So, isn’t it time you embrace some carbs and get a spaghetti belly? And now that you see it, do it!


Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan

Jessica Hannan Sultan is the owner of Fitness in Chapel Hill. Join her for a free BLAST (Balance, Lengthen, Align, Slim, and Tone) trial class so you can target the core like never before. You can also catch her bellydancing at Kipos on West Franklin every Friday and Saturday night.