What If I told you that sometime in the next week one of the best beers brewed in the United States will go on sale? Now, what if I told that despite the price tag, which comes in at nearly twenty dollars a six-pack, some stores will be sold out of their allotment in under an hour? I’m guessing I have your attention. It’s called Hopslam and it is brewed by Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The beer itself warrants the hype, but we will get to that later. The real story is the demand for the microbrew and the chase that ensues.

For many beer aficionados, the hunt for Hopslam is not only an exhilarating experience, but also a very fruitful, and hoppy, endeavor. Beer geeks who have committed the ‘HopHunt’ will take an extended lunch break or even call in sick to have the opportunity to score a six-pack. Although the beer is delicious and worth even the most extravagant white-lie, the truth is that the chase is really half of the fun.

The best way that I can describe the whole process is by relating it to a feeding frenzy. Everyone will run around to get their fill until it’s gone for another year. Those who have never heard of Hopslam will likely not have the opportunity to buy this beer, unless they stumble upon it by mere coincidence. Luckily for you, after reading this article you have been primed to keep your eyes peeled for this tasty treat. But you may still be thinking, ‘What is it about this beer that is making all of these people go crazy one day a year?’

Hopslam is a double IPA brewed with a variety of hops and honey. When you pour it into a glass you will immediately notice the golden color. If you were to hold it up to a light, the radiance that it emits only hints at the joy your senses are about to experience. When you go in to smell the beer, you will immediately experience citrus and floral notes. Don’t be afraid to swirl the beer in your glass to release those sweet aromas. Finally, let the beer that you have been chasing all day wash past your lips and over your tongue. You will be greeted with a refreshing mix of grapefruit and floral overtones, followed by a clean, slightly-sweet finish.

Now that you’ve heard about the Hopslam and the thrill of the chase, I invite you to join in the fun. Once you’ve tasted this delicious beer there is no turning back. Welcome to the ‘HopHunt,’ happy hunting.


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image by anotherpintplease… via flickr