Glassware-at-KitchenworksHome cooks know summer can mean more time spent in the kitchen preparing dishes using seasonal ingredients that peak this time of year. They also know they can shop for the tools of their trade at University Mall’s Kitchenworks, the kitchen supply shop easily identifiable by its bright blue tiled exterior and well stocked interior. Recently, the shop started a customer rewards program that allows customers to essentially create their own sale. The flexible “Kitchenworker” plan rewards repeat customers with a cash discount on a future purchase based on a percentage of previous purchases.

Here’s how the program works. When you make your next purchase at Kitchenworks, ask to sign up for the Kitchenworker program. You’ll receive a Kitchenworker card on which your in store purchases will be entered (you won’t need to remember to bring your card with you in the future – store staff will keep it on file). Each time you return to the shop, let staff know you’re a Kitchenworker and they’ll add your purchase to your card. Plus, everyone who signs up gets a free Kitchenworks canvas tote.

After you make six purchases, you will be eligible for a discount on your seventh purchase. That discount amount will be determined by taking 15% of the total of your six previous purchases. For example, if you spend $100 cumulatively over those six purchases, you get $15 off your seventh. Spend $200, get $30 off, etc. Customers set their own time frame to complete the purchase requirement, as well as the amount they spend. Pretty easy.

Popsicle-making-toolsThe Kitchenworker program starts just in time to take advantage of some upcoming store specials. If you’re fan of Fiesta dinnerware, you’ll want to watch the store’s Facebook page for updates about an open stock event later this month. In addition, during July the shop’s window displays will feature products made in the USA and available in store. Perhaps some brilliantly colored (and nearly indestructible) outdoor dishware is on your wish list for cookout and picnic season. Everything you need to craft a cool Summer cocktail can be found on Kitchenworks shelves too, along with the glassware. Want to make your own popsicles? Kitchenworks has colorful sets to help with that goal too.

Home cooks understand the importance of good tools for the kitchen. Fortunately, we’ve got the Kitchenworks and the new Kitchenworker program to stay well stocked.