The Buffet at Southern Season

Whenever I visit Southern Season at University Plaza, I always mean to simply get my SodaStream CO2 containers refilled and quickly leave.

Despite being a substitute teacher and part-timer writer on a tight budget, I never can seem to leave as quickly as I’d like, however. It’s OK though, as I can usually just get one or two items on the side, like a pound of coffee and dessert or an item from the fresh food area without setting me back too much.

That was the case again when I stopped by Southern Season this past week, and I had more than money on my mind as well. Having just come off of recent meals including chicken and pork, I needed something different to eat without having to cook.

I found just that in a decent-sized slice of Lasagna Bolognese, which registered at just over $5 and a side of string beans that cost less than $2. I was impressed with both items, even if they could have used a little bit of spice.

Often, cooks or chefs won’t go near the spice rack, however, to risk upsetting some patrons, so that’s understandable. Southern Season chefs are still plenty creative though, as the Lasagna Bolognese proved.

My first-ever foray into the dish proved to be a meaty, cheesy and filling treat. I have had plenty of servings of lasagna in my time and many helpings of spaghetti bolognese as well, but never a combination of the two.

Well done Southern Season, well done!

Southern Season is located at 201 S. Estes Drive in Chapel Hill. It’s open from 8AM to 8PM Monday through Thursday, and an hour later on Friday and Saturday. Sunday hours are 10AM to 7PM.

image by bittermelon via flickr