Plenty of sites and publications offer “best of” lists and top ten awards, but how many let YOU vote on the best businesses and locations around your town? After all, it is YOUR town. Who else is more qualified to choose?’s Short List is the monthly award decided entirely by the readers and residents in our community. On the first Tuesday of each month, we’ll announce a topic for that period (this month is “The Best Place For A Romantic Dinner”). For one week, users can submit the best places they think fit the award and send in as many as they like. On the second Tuesday of the month (February 11th this round) we’ll publish the top 10 places you picked, and users can vote on the best.

On the final Tuesday of the month, we’ll publish the top five Short List winners that YOU picked! Check here for this month’s award, or sign up for our Chapelboro Insider’s Newsletter for all the information you’ll need!