This Friday, September 9th, the Community Home Trust will rock the new Greenbridge building with cool jazz by mahaloJazz, Indian food by Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe, wine by Milltown, and interesting conversation by current and former mayors and council members, community volunteers, and, hopefully, you!

The Community Home Trust’s mission is to sell and preserve affordable homes for low and moderate income families who live or work in Orange County. The Trust’s mission is particularly important in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, where the average price of a home puts it out of reach for many people who work in our community every day. The average home in Chapel Hill-Carrboro costs around $300,000, whereas the average Trust home sells for about $100,00. 
The Home Trust enables those who serve our community to live in our community. The Trust’s homeowners teach our children, take care of our sick, police our roads, conduct lifesaving research, serve our vulnerable populations, drive our buses, and volunteer in our towns.
The Trust currently has 194 permanently affordable homes. The homes are “permanently affordable” because when a homeowner decides to move out of the home, it goes back into the trust and then is resold at an affordable price.
Yet 194 seems like a number that can, and should, be increased. That’s where you come in. Join the Community Trust this Friday for a little jazz, food, wine, and interesting conversation and help grow the number of Trust homes. Tickets are only $40 each.
This is truly a community event. The honorary co-chairs include Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt, as well as former mayors Rosemary Waldorf, Kenneth Broun, Jonathan Howes, Joseph Nassif, Howard Lee, and Sandy McClamroch.  Former mayor Kevin Foy will be presented with the Cornerstone Award for his dedication to affordable housing. 

So get your ears ready to hear some Cole Porter, your tastebuds ready for some spicy curry and red wine, and your brain ready for an evening of great conversation.