Traveling In Style…Part II
One of last week’s Chapelboro Insiders shared a travel tip that I inadvertently omitted from my list. She keeps her toiletries bag packed with samples and smaller versions of make-up, so she is always ready to go. I too try to keep trial size products stocked and travel-sized bottles filled, so that area of packing is already checked off my list when it comes trip time.
Now that you are packed, here are some common sense travel tips to keep you healthy no matter what your mode of transportation.        
·         Hydrate! Drink lots of water, especially for air travel. It’s a fact that you dry out at high altitudes. Ask the flight attendant for an extra cup of water and try to avoid alcohol. Instead have an Airborne cocktail. Carry a roll of Airborne tablets or another product packed with antioxidants and plop one in that second glass. Tired of water but want something low-cal? Crystal Light and other companies now make one serving powder packets that you can add to a 16 ounce water bottle for instant sugar-free lemonade, peach tea or other flavors. 
·         Sanitize! Every form of public transportation is a breeding ground for germs. Carry hand sanitizer in the car and the trial size variety on the plane. Clean your hands frequently, especially before touching your face. Even wipe down the tray table and arm rests with hand sanitizer or an antibacterial wipe. You risk looking like a germaphobe to your seat mate, but it’s worth it.
·         Ventilate! You’ve got a chatty seat mate who likes to spit when he talks. Then he sneezes to boot. Ugh!   All of these saliva droplets from sneezing, coughing and conversation are flying through the air in closed spaces like planes, cars, and buses. Turn the vent above your seat to medium flow and position it so the air current moves slightly in front of your face.
·         Pack Snacks! The days of free food and snacks in coach air travel are over. Feel like you’re in first class (use your imagination) and fill a few baggies with your favorite mixed nuts, crackers or baked chips and throw in a couple of cheese sticks or Laughing Cow spreadable cheese wedges. You’ll satiate your hunger pangs with your packed picnic and save a few bucks, while your seatmates will wonder why they didn’t think of that. Try to skip the fast food urge if you have a layover! For car trips keep the essential munchies and beverages in a mini cooler within easy reach. 
·         Layer! The days of free blankets in coach are also over! (Never saw that one coming.) Pack or wear a cardigan sweater or pashmina wrap that can double as a blanket in the event your plane, train or car is cooled to sub-zero temps. Dressing in layers has its benefits when traveling, like allowing you to adjust to a wide variation of temperatures. You can always shed your blazer or cardigan if you get too hot in transit or once you de-plane in a tropical destination. Layers keep you prepared in any climate!
It pays to be pro-active when traveling. A little preparation goes a long way on the road to paradise. Happy Trails!
These are my healthy travel tips for any destination. Feel free to share yours below!