Fall is officially in the air; just step outside at night for a taste!  A fan favorite for sure, fall means pumpkin patches, football frenzies, fairs & festivals and to-die-for temperatures. Those of us lucky enough to live in the south bask in the glow of “Indian Summer.”  For fashionistas these warm days and cool nights pose a recurring fall fashion dilemma.  I hear it repeatedly, “I never know what to wear in the fall!”  Personally, I think fall is the hardest season to dress for followed closely by spring.  Temperatures creep into the high 70’s and even 80’s in October.  (I’ll never forget catching rays by the pool at Granville Towers freshman year on my October 3rd birthday!)  But at night they dip down to the 40’s and 50’s.  Am I dressing for fall or summer?  Or do we need to create a new season called fallmmer?!  I have a one word answer for this conundrum….Layer!
Don’t pack up every summer outfit just yet.  Throw a pair of tights under that peacock colored playsuit and add a cardigan.  Same with tailored shorts in wool or tweed that appear popular this fall.  Still love the look of your long maxi dress?  Layer with a denim or corduroy jacket for evenings out.  Adding a fall pop of color with a jacket or lightweight coat will spice up your outfit and keep you warm at night.  Try orange!  This week I wore my favorite corduroy polka dot skirt by Donna McMillan of Uncommon Threads (see last Fashion Plate post for article and picture) and a ruffled tank to an outdoor patio lunch at Weathervane.  That evening before I left to meet friends for a little birthday cheer I added tights and a lightweight long-sleeved shrug.  Perfect transition from day to night!
It’s always fun to invest in a few new key pieces each season…like a fall cape, riding boots or an animal print blazer…all hot for fall 2011.  But if you’re on a budget, look at what you already own.  Banish to the back of your closet anything that screams summer in terms of pattern or fabric, and move any transitional pieces to the front.  Then mix in tights, leggings, boots, blazers, cardigans and pashmina wraps and you’re covered…literally!
These are my answers to some of your fall fashion dilemmas.  Add your own ideas below!