Dress to Impress

Ready to land your dream job? That’s the modern professional’s ultimate quest. You research, study and prepare to knock your next employer’s socks off. But how do you decide what to wear? Clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates. A whopping 65 percent of hiring managers admit it!  Inappropriate wardrobe choices, whether too casual or too revealing, can prevent you from landing your dream job.

With so many options on the fashion scene, here are some top things you need to know when pulling together your interview attire.

Make sure your look is up-to-date. Appropriate office fashion has changed and evolved over time.  Women now create their own version of a “power suit” with mixed fabrics, cardigans and stretch fabrics.  Wearing a decades-old suit can come off as being out-of-touch with current trends.



Research the field’s company culture to determine what to wear. What’s acceptable at fashion magazines certainly differs from the dress codes of major accounting firms. While traditional suits are most appropriate in conservative industries, nothing stops you from showing creativity in non-traditional fields with color. If you’ll be in a business-casual environment, then nice pants or a knit jacket with a woven skirt might be that industry’s version of a traditional suit.



Dress on the conservative side, but remember that conservative doesn’t have to be boring.  Tasteful choices in accessories can show a candidate’s style sense and a little personality. You can still be trendy and fashion forward while being appropriate and professional. Getting the balance right can make the difference. Fashion fit violations can be distracting too. Ask yourself if your skirt will ride up when you sit or if standing will result in an awkward skirt tug to return it to the appropriate length.


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Here’s a quick check-list when prepping for the big interview day.

  • Dress up not down.
  • Conservative hosiery (no runs!).
  • Carry a briefcase instead of a purse.
  • Modest nail polish.
  • Natural-looking makeup.
  • One, simple set of earrings.




Most important tip? Wear something that makes you look and feel comfortable and confident.  And we know how far a dose of built-in confidence goes in an interview. When you feel like a million bucks it shines through!

“I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.” Whitney Houston

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