The holidays have wrapped, so it’s time to reflect on what stood out. Here is a very short list in pictures and words of a few of my favorite things from holiday sightings to current and future trends.

Color… My favorite fashion mantra that I never get tired of sharing remains…Don’t be afraid of color! These two dresses (one a bold print maxi dress and the other a rich, royal purple and fuchsia) plus chunky colorful jewels spoke to me loud and clear from bevello’s window on East Franklin Street last month. Just walking into bevello’s colorfully merchandised boutique will brighten your day. I make it a “must see” every time I’m on the east end of Chapel Hill. And so should you!


More Color and a little sparkle… My parents rule as “Best Dressed” couple on New Year’s Eve. Not only are they two of my favorite things, but so is their colorful coordinated attire. Pat pops color and sparkle under her black velvet jacket and Gary dons a matching Murano colorful striped button down shirt. (A Christmas gift from stylists Mom and The Fashion Plate found at University Mall’s Dillard’s.)


Sparkle has been a fall and holiday favorite for me. Pat Lopp again pops both sparkle and color here.

Sartorial dresser Gary Lopp pops color and stripes under his leather vest. All three statements hugely trended this season.

Stripes have held a well earned place in fashion history and never seem to go out of style. They’re timeless, edgy and fun! Each season we see a bit of a twist in how designers choose to use stripes in their creations. Call it a trend or a staple, but stripes are popping up everywhere and represent one of the most fashion forward looks for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Expect to see neutral nauticals as well as bold and bright stripe statements in everything from shirts, skirts, dresses, shoes and purses.


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Let’s get started. Pick a basic striped piece, like a casual knit top or blouse. Add bright pants, denim, leggings or a jacket. Now you own the stripes trend!


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Share your favorite fashion finds from the holidays and into the New Year.