The other day, a friend who calls me “the optimistic one,” asked me what was making me smile these days.

Knowing that we have a first amendment and so many taking full advantage of their right to say what they want, even if it might be nonsense, that still makes me smile.

Having just returned for a conference in New Orleans and watching people on the news demonstrate true grit and strength in the face of massive destruction to their property, and still remaining hopeful and positive, makes me smile.

Watching so many superb athletes from all around the world demonstrate their strength, mental toughness, and great competitive spirits makes me smile.

I’ll also smile knowing next summer when so many little girls will be named Simone.  Losing sleep staying up past my bedtime to watch the U.S. women’s beach volleyball team lose the gold and return to give their all to win bronze made me smile.

My biggest smiles come when I think about the great people I get to interview on WCHL’s Non-profit Showcase as leaders of the non-profits we have in this community and are doing so many great things every single day.  It’s a learning experience for how these organizations are addressing the challenges we face as well as the opportunities to make positive contributions.

What’s also important in all of these organizations is they do it with limited financial resources.  But, they have an abundance of creativity, innovative thinking, and optimism.  And that makes me smile.  Wouldn’t it be better if everyone took some of their resources to help them, help us?

Keep smiling.


— Fred Black

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