This is Wes Hare.

Again, I sing: “War, what is it good for? Good God, y’all. Listen to me…What is it good for? Absolutely nuttin’!”

Here we are again… Memorial Day. Can you imagine a world without war? There will be memorials across the US of A, and we, The Orange County Peace Coalition, have commemorated and mourned the victims of war through gatherings at the Carrboro Farmer’s Market Gazebo ever since 09/11/01.

Now, thirteen years later, we are moving to Extraordinary Ventures in Chapel Hill and imagining a world without war. Starting at 2PM this Memorial Day, we will view and discuss a video which challenges us to dare to dream and to believe peaceful solutions could really happen. While we are imagining this, we will listen to former Senator Ellie Kinnaird and try to reflect and act on what could be done in Orange County if the war dollars could instead be spent here on health, education, human services ,better school support and on and on and on.

We will hear a proclamation from Mayor Mark and sign petitions to our Political Leaders seeking their support, courage, wisdom and serious actions to reduce the war machine and re-allocate the resources to what our community and all human communities need.

Again, I sing (with Apologies to Edwin Starr, now resting in peace): “War, what is it good for? Listen to me…Absolutely nuttin’!”