As I’ve gotten to know James Barrett and where he stands on the issues facing Chapel HIll-Carrboro schools, several things stand out. I know of his background working with Justice United on their education agenda. I know that he wants to create a better system for all of our students by focusing on metrics to evaluate programming, budgetary transparency so the system can be intentional about where its puts resources, and openness with the public about this decision process. And I know he wants to do a better job of engaging community partners like UNC, parents, and other volunteers in the service of our children.

I don’t agree with him on each and every issue. What we do agree on is the need to listen to a wide range of voices and include their needs and priorities in our decision-making process. I have never seen him discourage dissenting conversation except in the rare cases where someone simply had their facts wrong. James likes the facts, just like a school board member should.That’s why James Barrett gets my vote for Chapel Hill-Carrboro School Board.

Donna Bell
Council Member, Town of Chapel Hill