To the Editor:

When deciding for whom to vote for local elected office, we look for brains and the guts to use them. Donna Bell has demonstrated on the Chapel Hill Town Council that she considers each issue in front of the council carefully, asks the right questions to fully understand the issue, and votes in the best interest of all Chapel Hillians. As demonstrated by her pushing for an ombudsman program, she is a great leader, representing “Chapel Hill values” and giving a voice to many who are not part of our local political conversations. Even when we don’t agree with her, we truly appreciate her openness to considering all viewpoints and honesty in sharing her conclusions. If you are looking for better government that works for everyone in our town, please join us in voting for Donna Bell on November 8th or in early voting beginning October 20.

Sharon Barrett
James Barrett (Candidate for Chapel Hill Carrboro City School Board)