I live in Carrboro and, like a lot of people around town, am concerned about the property located on the corner of North Greensboro and West Weaver Streets.

This abandoned piece of prime property in downtown Carrboro was purchased by CVS several years ago.  How that happened is beyond me, but it did.

Shortly thereafter a group of anarchists took over the building.  If they were prepared for a battle, they were in the wrong town.  Mark Chilton, who was mayor at the time, showed up and diffused the situation.  But, it didn’t take long for the building to be boarded up and a fence put around the property.

And there it sits, years later, crumbling.

My question is what can be done to change this?  Will we spend the next 20 years watching the building degrade into a pile of rubble?

Oh lord.  Don’t get me started.


— Jackie Helvey

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Carrboro Commune

The “Carrboro Commune” at the intersection of N. Greensboro St. and W. Weaver St. (Photo by Jeffrey Clayton)