Originally Published on February 2, 2016.

Working together and looking out for each other are ultimately more important, necessary, and  rewarding than dividing and ruling.

Nature’s hand is random and emergencies can strike anyone.  Elitism and discrimination are destructive and cut across our basic instincts of cooperation and mutual support.

By ignoring our weakest and denying them essential support, which seems to be the daily mantra in Raleigh, we will ultimately destroy the social fabric of our state which has painstakingly been put together by courageous and visionary citizens.

There will be many more natural disasters given the volatility of our weather in response to the climate change and we don’t need to add avoidable social disasters to this potential load by ignoring our unemployed, hungry, and disadvantaged fellow citizens.

The world is bigger than all of us and we should measure up to its changing demands, stand together in dealing with them, and not practice social and economic elitism which could result in destroying us all.

— Nerys Levy


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