The Town of Chapel Hill is fortunate, indeed, to have one of the finest “Green Transportation Systems” to be found anywhere in North Carolina.  It’s a wonderful emerald necklace comprised of 14 miles of paved and natural trails shared equally by hikers, joggers and cyclists alike.  Many Chapel Hill residents take advantage of the winding, scenic trails to exercise and keep fit year-round.  And they take pride in the Greenway treating it with the respect that it deserves.

Unfortunately, there are a few who do not.  They litter the trails with refuse; they mark up the signs and trails with graffiti; they allow their pets to run loose; and worse, they do not clean up after them.
As a regular trail user, I encourage any citizen who hasn’t yet explored Chapel Hill’s Greenway to discover the beauty and tranquility of these natural and paved trails.
But let me make a few suggestions:  please travel on the right side of the trail and if you are with a group, don’t hog the trail; allow room for others to pass.  It’s just common courtesy.  If you are a cyclist, alert hikers and joggers that you are passing on the left.  Bicycles used to be equipped with bells, but we don’t see them very often today.  So if you don’t have a ringer or horn, just send a verbal alert that you are approaching.  They will get the message.
Remember the Greenway Transportation System belongs to all of us.  Share, enjoy and Happy Trails everyone!