The results of our 2012 elections were decidedly mixed for Democrats and progressives in North Carolina. It was hard to watch as our state really did swing back to red. The whole country seemed to be headed in the other direction, especially when marriage equality measures fared better elsewhere than Amendment One did here just months ago. 

It’s going to be a new era in Raleigh. But if we want to see North Carolina avoid becoming entrenched in red America, we have to do more than play defense. We need a pro-people, pro-equality agenda that we can push as an alternative to the conservative legislative onslaught we’re sure to face. New leadership in the Democratic Party must create a coherent, positive vision for where we could take our state. 
It will take time for that type of coalition to develop, but while it does I have one strong recommendation to the Democratic Party. Put women in charge. Democratic women currently offer the best, strongest leadership for our issues. And Democratic women are electable. Although Linda Coleman didn’t win the race for Lieutenant Governor, she came a heck of a lot closer than our gubernatorial candidate did. 
I’m proud that Orange County has sent an entirely female delegation to represent us in Raleigh. Let’s support these intelligent leaders as they help develop a strategy to move our state both leftward and forward. 

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