When I was Carrboro mayor, I saw every day that our businesses were asked to contribute to one good cause after another of which we have a great many in Orange County.  Without hesitation, our businesses gave generously.

I don’t think most people have any idea of how much our businesses give all year long.  We tend to think that businesses are all wealthy picturing Wal-Mart or IBM.  But, our businesses are, for the most, small proprietors who have invested heavily in making their business succeed.  And those contributions of cookies or picture frames or dinners may be a stretch for them in a business with a small profit margin.

Some may not even be making a profit.  Yet they donate generously as part of they feel is their community and their civic duty.

Another group that is asked over and other to contribute to charity events are musicians and artists.  Again, it may be a sacrifice for them.  Because that is their livelihood.  But, they step up to the plate and give generously of their talent, music, and artworks.

A big thank you to all who make our community work so well.

— Ellie Kinnaird


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