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On Smoking Legislation

I was always told never to attack the man but you can always attack his words with the facts. Recently, Alan Culton stated in his commentary of February 6 that he was upset about those pesky Liberals of Orange County who were taking away the rights of all residents of Chapel Hill to smoke in public. Well…

Fact one, the last time I looked the State House, Senate and the occupant of the Governor’s Mansion were all REPUBLICANS, not those pesky LIBERIALS he was complaining about. In fact the General Assembly has been run by the Republicans since the 2010 elections. And smoking is not the only right they wish to take away from us and Mr. Culton here in Chapel Hill. But that’s another story for another day. Second I don’t know what Constitution Mr. Culton follows but the one I live by was signed by 39 delegates on September 17, 1787 and it has no amendments regarding abortions and after looking over the 27 amendments that have been added to the Constitution since its original signing, our government has never ratified one that covers this medical procedure which by the way has been legal since January 1973. But that’s another story for another day. Lastly I would never hitch my wagon to a business that has to look for new customers overseas because their American customers keep dying from the continuing use of their products here at home. And this is our story for today.

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