Democrats have called foul on how Republicans run their legislative chambers and almost every time Republicans have been quick to point out every wrong they felt was committed against them while Democrats were in the majority; always hinting at corruption and a good ole boys network.

Boy how things have changed.

You may have read how Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger managed to get legislation through both chambers that would make it easier for his son, Phil Berger, Jr, to be elected to the Court of Appeals. Before this so called-legislative fix, incumbent Judge Linda Stephens, a Democrat, would have been first on the ballot followed by Berger Jr. Now if the Governor signs this bill, Baby Berger’s name will appear first on the ballot and will be the only race that will be effected.

If this is not corruption and nepotism at its finest, I do not know what is. Nevertheless, why should we be shocked?

Every elections bill authored by the Republicans has been about rigging the system and keeping them in power. Let’s run through the list…partisan gerrymandering, voter ID, eliminating the tax check-off program for political parties and public financing, shrinking the early voting period, redistricting Greensboro City Council, redistricting Wake County Commissioners, redistricting Wake County School Board, making Lee County School Board and Sanford City Council partisan, creating a retention election for Supreme Court to preserve the Republican majority, and identifying court of appeals candidates by their partisan affiliation for a non-partisan race but not for any other judicial office in the state. It should be noted this is not an exhaustive list and many of these laws have been declared unconstitutional, illegal, or an injunction is currently in place pending trial.

Next time Republicans accuse Democrats of being part of a good ole boys network, they should probably look inward and do some soul searching. But in the Age of Trump for the GOP, that’s going to be mighty shallow introspection.


— Matt Hughes


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