Originally published on January 29, 2016.


So, you tired of political rhetoric from liberals wanting more, conservatives wanting you out, and independents simply wanting to be heard?

You frustrated by the demagoguery, fear mongering and race bating, not only from presidential candidates, but from so called journalists who desire ratings boosts and social media likes rather than serving the greater good by reporting the truth?

You discouraged by state legislatures’ acts of gerrymandering, redistricting, and changing voting rights and even the Supreme court’s possible re-framing of affirmative action?

Angered by leaders sitting in silent fear to keep their jobs while protesters scream and shout for basic human rights?

And what about the right to live, where one’s desire to worship, gather at a holiday celebration, go to a movie theater or attend college and even first grade are tragically interrupted by bushmaster semi-automatic rifles or 45-caliber Glocks.

Well I’m tired and frustrated too, so in 2016, I am going to be bold!  I don’t need a gun, because I can kill you with kindness. I don’t need to fight or scream, because I will be courageously compassionate exercising righteous reconciliation and brave benevolence.  And I will act, by encouraging others to be audacious in your private or public stance for love and peace.

Yes, this is our call to action.  As Dr. King challenged us, “…to a more noble expression of humaneness.”  We can do this, indeed, we must!

— Terri Houston


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