To the Town Council:

This is a photo of what once was a majestic, stately magnolia on E Rosemary St.

It is now a one-sided sad specimen that lines the quiet street in one of Chapel Hill’s historic districts!

I am appalled and saddened that Duke Power can be allowed to pay Asplundh to butcher historic –or any– trees. And I am equally dismayed that IF our Town Council was…is…unaware of this tragedy, then shame on you! Are you (the Town Council) not the ones who so vocally prohibit development to save a tree? Where are you now when these trees are being butchered, destroying the stately charm in our existing neighborhoods?

I want to know how much is being spent on this destruction of trees. I understand that Duke Power will say the trees need to be “trimmed” because they are a threat to their power lines. This being the case, Duke Power should, at the very least, have the educated expertise of an arborist BEFORE butchering beautiful trees and creating eyesores in existing neighborhoods!

Sadly, this is just one photo. There are many other trees that have already been, and continue to be, destroyed.

Sandra D Rich