Piedmont Creeks need your help! Rain water is running off roofs, roads, lawns – flowing too quickly into our creeks! Hard surfaces have replaced forest and dramatically reduced the amount of rain water that sinks into the ground to replenish our ground water.  Rapid bursts of water scour banks, degrade animal habitat, and carry sediment and fertilizers, pouring these pollutants into our creeks and water supplies.

How can we “fix” our disruption of the natural water cycle? What can we do to slow down our water, clean it, and replenish groundwater?  This is an issue all of us need to work on, because we are all part of the problem–and part of the solution.

When development comes along, we need to do a better job of managing the rainfall that no longer soaks into the soil, but runs off.  At homes imagine where your rainwater goes. It’s bound to be going to a creek feeding a water supply. We can take care of our creeks by building rain gardens and swales and by managing chemicals properly at home.

You are invited to a Symposium “Can We Heal Our Local Watersheds?” focusing on these water quality problems. You can learn about actions you can take in an interactive exhibition put on by over twenty organizations and meet a great horned owl.

Join us this Saturday from 9 until 1 pm for this 2020 Chapel Hill free event at the NC Botanical Garden. Check out all the events at www.bolincreek.org.

Let’s care for our creeks and our drinking water every day.