Narys LevyThis is Nerys Levy and I am a member of the Friends of the Carrboro Branch Library.

Recently the local storage facility where we have been keeping our used books was sold. As a result we have been kicked out of the place where we store our more than 2500 used books. For years many of us non profit organizations in Chapel Hill and Carrboro had been given free space there by the generous and enlightened management enabling the community to store used books, theatrical sets and so forth.

On a point of information, the collective efforts of our local non profit organizations are aimed at educating, serving and entertaining the public and all profits are ploughed back into the community.

In the case of the Friends of the Carrboro Branch Library, the sale of used donated books pays for new books and library programming. We, like other non profits, are serving bodies – not charity cases – and depend on community support and cooperation. Giving is what we non-profits do – we are not “takers” as defined by the newly arrived storage company. But now we are all out on the street, as it were, looking for help in the form of new, underwritten storage space to facilitate continued service to the community. Donated commercial space is tax deductable and enables groups such as the Friends, and ergo the public library, to function and serve.

Our particular organization has been in the forefront of public education for 24 years and is an active participant in planning the proposed Southern Branch of the Orange County Public Library in Carrboro.

Are there any benevolent space givers or underwriters out there? We and other valuable local non profit organizations need your support right now!

We will all benefit as a result. Thank you!

This is Nerys Levy.