Because you are here to expand and come into your fullness, you were created with an internal guidance system to help you discover and manifest whatever wonderful things you have within you. However, from a young age, if you were like many of us, you were taught to ignore or stifle this guidance. Perhaps when you were two, you became delighted with how your Spaghetti-O’s landed on the floor when you dropped them.

By the umpteenth time, your parents were not amused; in fact, some parents may have been hostile and annoyed to the point of speaking sharply to you, spanking you, or employing some other method to forcibly making you stop discovering how the Law of Gravity worked.

For its part, the universe did not care. You could have done it 1000 times or one million times, and the outcome would have been the same.

Then we entered schools where we were rarely encouraged to pursue our interests because society wanted to make sure we were all well-rounded. Our inner guidance system directed us to those things we enjoyed, but the rules of the school forced us to learn a bit of everything as well as sucked the fun out of learning. No longer were we able to experience things; we were supposed to be passive receivers of information that was to be stored in our RAM space and accessed for tests and such. We became embraced in our position as another brick in the wall.

During our life experience, at some point our feelings got hurt, but we were not allowed to show those feelings, so we learned to ignore that which hurt us. We learned to become comfortably numb and the light of our passion was diminished.Feelings are our internal guidance system. Since life is meant to be experienced, feelings are the first experience we have to let us know that we are on the right track when we are growing and expanding. Unfortunately, many of us have ignored our feelings for so long that we’ve paved over the feeling path and all but disconnected from our inner guidance system and, perhaps, even our life’s purpose. The good news is this: the universe does not care how many times you’ve ignored your inner guidance.

Once you fire that feeling system up again, it will continue to work and bring you back to a place of joy and delight.When I work with clients, regardless of their age, I always ask them what makes them happy. Often, I’m met with a confused look because no one has ever asked them that question before. Recently a very successful engineer told me he never would have been an engineer if asked that question. He became an engineer because he was strong in math skills and weak in English skills. When “they” told him that engineering was the career for him, he went along with it. We all have our own stories of ignoring our own guidance and following the guidance of others. Again, the universe doesn’t care.

Your guidance system still works just fine.What would have happened if Jim Henson had not pursued his passion of making puppets and instead became a pharmacist? Bye-bye, Sesame Street and Yoda. What if JK Rowling had followed her parents’ dream for her to become a secretary?

For one week would you consider asking your heart for an answer first?

For one week would you consider consciously looking for those things that delight you?

For one week would you consider keeping a running list of those things that make you happy?

For one week would you consider making note of those things you en-joy …. Enter a state of joy when you do them?

I ask because your inner GPS still works great but it may be a bit rusty or out of whack from years of neglect. Fire it up and discover the mystery that you are. Discover how happy and passionate you can be.

Age, wealth, perceived intelligence/attractiveness, – none of these things matter one bit. You were created for greatness and the universe will illuminate this path for you. There is no judgment about when you finally learn how to get on the path, because like Tom Bodett, the universe has left the light on for you.