What do you like? I enjoy running after the 15 minute start, because at that point my body is in the zone and I can keep going for another 15 with less effort than in the beginning. That burning sensation when your muscles are heated.

What don’t you like? The soreness of my muscles. Not the one felt after a workout, but the ache you get when it’s day 2 and you still haven’t been back to the gym. It can be uncomfortable. The plus side is it pushes me to go to the gym at least every other day, if not for anything else but to relieve the discomfort.

What’s fun? I enjoy Zumba and being able to work out with another person, versus on my own all the time.

What isn’t fun? The sweating.

What is really making you sweat? Intervals while running. Which is the reason i have a love/hate relationship with the elliptical machine currently.

What is making your muscles feel like jelly? Calisthenics. Normally this is what I do to help me sleep better that night, and it works like a charm.

Are there any new healthy foods you’ve discovered and love? I’m loving coconut water right now. I haven’t gotten to the point of drinking it instead of regular water, but I use it for cooking. I ¬†boil it to steam veggies. I also use it to make rice, which gives it a yummy flavor.