Every Friday, we highlight three great shows from local performing artists that you can see this coming weekend.


Gregg Gelb Jazz Quartet
Friday, May 23rd at 6PM at 140 West Franklin Plaza


Gregg Gelb might be the hardest working man in local show business. He plays saxophone and clarinet. He’s an in-demand soloist, both for jazz and classical performances. He has his own quartet, his own quintet, his own swing band, his own big band, his own latin jazz band, his own jazz orchestra, and even his own jazz society. He composes. He teaches. He conducts. He practically makes julienne fries.

Friday at 6, he’ll bring one of his ensembles – the quartet – to the plaza at 140 West Franklin Street for an evening of high-flying open-air jazz. You’ll hear this master melodist and friends trade improvisations and tight riffs. And you’ll one of the best and most versatile musicians in our area playing at the peak of his powers.


The Twilight Zone
Friday, May 23rd and Saturday, May 24th at 8PM at The ArtsCenter


We all know the theme song – that iconic four-note loop that ushers in an episode of the classic early-60s television show The Twilight Zone. Most of us probably still remember creator Rod Serling’s introductions, in which the black-clad and skinny-tied presenter hovers over the proceedings like an undertaker. But we might forget what comes after: some of the most compelling television ever broadcast. With a slate of talented writers (including Serling himself, Richard Matheson, and Ray Bradbury), he created compact and chilling “what-if” scenarios, bring a touch of sci-fi and fantasy into prime time. The Twilight Zone‘s stylish and imaginative storytelling undoubtedly paved the way for today’s most popular television, including the work of J.J. Abrams and Joss Whedon.

To pay tribute to this pioneering series, Th3rd Power Productions is resurrecting three episodes live on stage at the ArtsCenter this weekend and next. Three local directors and casts will bring the thrilling stories back in new stagings, taking advantage of the theatrical writing and contained settings of their chosen episodes. You’ll see a proto-Groundhog Day, with a prisoner doomed to repeat his worst day; an old woman welcomes a wounded cop into her home, only to discover that he’s something more; and a fortune-telling machine that seems eerily accurate. Whether you loved the original shows or only know that famous song, you’ll love this special event.


NC Hops And Roots Fest
Saturday, May 24th and Sunday, May 25th all day at Shakori Hills


Shakori Hills has become a mecca for music lovers thanks to it’s twice-yearly Grassroots festivals. These celebrations bring national names to play for a crowd of thousands, always with a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. This Memorial Day weekend, they’re opening up the grounds for something a little closer to home: the NC Hops and Roots Fest, a celebration of our local musical and food traditions. They’ll feature Carolina favorites playing roots, bluegrass, rock and even reggae. And you can sample terrific locally-brewed beer and wine, along with food from our award-winning restaurant scene. It’s an only-in-NC affair, reveling in the ways our music and culinary cultures intertwine. As usual, they pride themselves on a family-friendly feel, though the beer’s off-limits to the younger ones. Come for one or both days, hang out in the sun and the scene, and enjoy what makes the Old North State special.

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