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In one of the more anticipated shows on the Local 506’s summer lineup, The Octopus Project rolls into Chapel Hill on Sunday for a 9:00PM show. Doors are at 8:30, and Le Weekend will open for the veteran Octopus Project which hails out of Austin, Texas. Tickets are $11/$9 and can be purchased here.

A little new age, a little techno, a little trance, The Octopus Project is upbeat, but still mellow, having earned a consistent following by fleshing out an experimental sound without losing the touch of real musicians playing real instruments — not an easy feat in 2013. The band has been around since 1999 and their chemistry is perhaps their most palpable trait. Known for shows with bright lights that don’t stray too far from their studio work (this is a compliment), the show at a venue like 506 should be a hit.

WCHL music columnist Megan Floyd was able to interview the members (like a true band, from the road of course), and asked how they came about:

Megan asked the band about the visuals in their shows that they’re known for:

In terms of of their fan base, The Octopus Project discusses the eclectic and diverse demographic that is drawn to their shows, especially the wide range of ages:

Check them out Sunday night at the Local 506.