8/11/17: Bonnie Raitt “Give It Up or Let Me Go” 

Sometimes, the reasons for the music in my head are convoluted. So, stay with me for a moment here so I can explain this one.

First of all, I love Bonnie Raitt. She’s a multi-talented wonder – extraordinary on the slide guitar, a great vocalist, an excellent songwriter… she really is the whole package. She’s contributed so much to the world of music, in the form of her work as a significant voice in blues as well as rock n’ roll, folk and country. She crosses genres, she’s done a lot to call public attention to older blues artists, using her considerable influence to play with as many as possible both on stage and in the studio. Also, much like Jackson Browne (who was in the “Music in My Head” spotlight yesterday!), she’s quite an activist. Always has been.

Now, here’s the reason I think Bonnie Raitt was playing in my head first thing this morning: I’ve been thinking about this contest we’re getting ready to have here at WCHL. Every year, we send somebody to a faraway location to watch the Tar Heel basketball team play in a tournament. This year, the destination will be New Orleans. It’s only natural that I would have Big Easy-style music on the brain, since it’s almost impossible to separate that city from the sounds it’s so famous for.

It was Bonnie Raitt’s song, “Give It Up or Let Me Go” that was echoing in my head this morning, because it incorporates some Dixieland jazz elements along with a touch of Zydeco and a feel-good type of vibe. So, let the good times roll! This song is guaranteed to get your feet tapping and brighten your day!

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