7/7/17: The Carpenters “Superstar”

Last night, I stayed up late. I got caught up in this TV show on REELZ about The Carpenters. Speifically, it was about Karen Carpenter. I think it was called “The Karen Carpenter Story,” or something else on-the-nose, and it was obviously about the sibling duo who had a long succession of hit records during the 70s and early 80s. I wouldn’t really call it rock n’ roll, but they were on the radio constantly, sharing stations with the legends from the time.

The Carpenters recorded 11 albums and released 31 singles – most of them were certified hits – and some of them even spent a little bit of time at the top of the charts. The Carpenters could always be easily identified by Karen Carpenter’s beautiful voice… she really was a standout!

I have to admit, I eventually got a bit bored with their music. Having to play the same songs over and over again on the radio will do that, especially if the songs in question are fairly mellow. Looking back on it now, I realize even more that her voice really was something else! The reason I got so absorbed in that show last night wasn’t really about the music, but more the incredibly sad story told about Karen.

Ultimately, she was apparently a lonely person. She and her brother were very close, and she depended on him for just about everything. She never really felt love from her parents – her mother in particular – and she was always looking to find that love elsewhere. She got married, but it didn’t last long and she seemed to always lack confidence in herself, despite her considerable musical talent.

She fell victim to the evils of anorexia in a time when nobody knew too much about eating disorders, and she eventually passed away in 1983 from heart failure brought on by complications from anorexia. Suddenly, the malady of eating disorders was thrust into the national spotlight, and now we know a great deal more than we did. We’re able to help these people, to recognize their problems and allow them to seek out the assistance they need to overcome their disorder. I was so depressed after watching this on television, and woke up first thing this morning with a Carpenters song playing in my brain. It was this one, “Superstar.”

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