12/7/17: Foghat “I Just Want to Make Love to You” 

This one’s gonna rock pretty hard, so get ready! It’s actually strong in those rock roots, coming out of an old blues tune written by Willie Dixon and recorded by the one-and-only Muddy Waters way back in 1954! The legendary Etta James did it in 1959, and Muddy Waters recorded another take on it in 1968. It’s been covered a lot since then, even being taken on by The Rolling Stones, relatively in their career in 1964. Which makes sense, seeing as there would be no Rolling Stones if blues music and the brilliant artists behind it hadn’t come before!

The iteration I’m hearing in my head today is from Foghat, the English rock band founded in 1971 by a guy called Lonesome Dave. Lonesome Dave founded Foghat after a stint in another band, called Savoy Brown, and Dave’s vocals always sounded like he was on the verge of punishing the microphone… which was perfect for Foghat’s hard rocking style! You’re probably most familiar with them because of “Slow Ride,” a song where you hear some of their famous electric slide guitar and pumping bass and drums to move the beat right along.

Foghat recorded a very successful live album – no easy feat! – and garnered eight gold records over their career, which isn’t an achievement to be sniffed at! In spite of multiple lineup changes, they’re still out there performing today, and I can still recall rocking their music on an 8-track tape in my car. I played that tape so much that one song started bleeding into another, but I didn’t care. When listening to today’s Music in My Head, be warned that this bass guitar may vibrate you right off your feet!

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After playing a show at The Cat’s Cradle in July, at Local 506 in August, The Carrboro Music Festival in September; and The Southern Village Green in November,  the School of Rock students’ next BIG public LIVE performance will be Saturday January 6th at the Pittsboro Roadhouse.

At 1pm, its “Rock Goddesses” with Music from Stevie Nicks, Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and More. This is followed at 3pm with the songs of Led Zeppelin I and II. January 6th at the Pittsboro Roadhouse, put it on your calendar now!

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Why should the kids have all of the rock and roll fun? The School of Rock Offers adult programs as well. It is never too late to learn how to rock!

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You are invited to stop in for a tour or schedule a free demo session. Their hours are Monday-Thursday 3PM-9PM and Saturday 10AM-4PM!  

Learn how to play a real rock and roll song in just 30 minutes!

School of Rock Grand Opening

AND, through a partnership with the Public School Foundation; they’ll donate 1% of their gross revenue to support music in the local public schools, so help bring music to our community and enroll today!

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