1/9/18: The Tubes “She’s A Beauty” 

The Tubes were a rock band out of San Francisco, and they were a big-time group back in the early days of MTV. Fitting, that it was the Tubes that were big on the tube. I woke up with one of their songs in my head this morning, and I can’t seem to get it out!

“She’s A Beauty” was a certified Top 10 smash hit in 1983, and the video saw a whole lot of play on MTV. Fee Waybill, the singer in the band, co-wrote the song along with producer David Foster & Steve Lukather. I looked this up this morning, because I don’t know a lot about The Tubes, but there’s an interesting story behind this particular song.

Waybill says he was inspired to write it when he passed a booth on a San Francisco street outside a peep show. There was a sign that said, “Pay a Dollar, Talk to a Naked Girl.” He says he had a frustrating conversation with the woman inside the booth, and that’s what prompted him to write the song. Strange story, I know, but songwriters sometimes get their inspiration from unusual sources.   I never really paid much attention to the song lyrics before, but listening to the words this morning, it makes sense. You can judge for yourself!

Vince Welnick of The Tubes went on to play piano for The Grateful Dead—something else I didn’t know until today – but that makes The Tubes even more interesting! I don’t know how “She’s A Beauty” got into my head, but maybe now it’s stuck in yours!