1/8/18: Brick “Dazz”

Now, I’ve never been a big disco fan, but every once in a while I’ll run across a song that catches my attention. One of those is a delightful combination of disco and jazz that I woke up with pounding away in my brain this morning!

Back in the ‘70s there was a group that formed down in Atlanta, two bands came together and started sharing the stage. A disco group and a jazz band started collaborating, and the result was BRICK! Their biggest hit was called “Dazz,” as in “disco jazz.” They had plenty of toehr songs too, but “Dazz” was by far the most popular. It went all the way to #3 on the charts in ’76, and you could hear it in every club and car radio across America!

Multi-instrumentalist Jimmy Brown fathered a musical family, and the music of Brick has been sampled in quite a few hip hop tracks since the band’s heyday. “Dazz,” though, is still my favorite. It’s absolutely infectious, and it’s hard to sit still when you hear it!