1/12/18: Bad Company “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” 

I’ve got a real rocker for you today! It’s from Bad Company, the well-known English supergroup. Straight-ahead, hard rockin’, blow-you-away, foot-stompin’ rock n’ roll all the way, baby!

Back in 1973, Paul Rodgers was the lead singer for a band called Free. Remember “All Right Now”? That was them. When those guys broke up, Rodgers and the drummer, Simon Kirke, got together with Mick Ralphs – the guitar player for Mott The Hoople. Then, that group was joined by Boz Burrell, the bass player for King Crimson! The fully-formed supergroup was even managed by Peter Grant, who was handling Led Zeppelin at the time.

The band was an obvious big time hit in the ’70s. Not a particular part of the ‘70s, either – the whole decade! Three albums saw release and huge sales numbers: the inaugural self-titled “Bad Company,” the sophomore “Straight Shooter,” and 1976’s “Run With the Pack.” Featuring smoking lead vocals and bombastic guitar work, tunes like “Bad Company” and “Feel Like Making Love” shot to the top of the charts. Today, it’s “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” that I can’t get out of my head!

Just listen to those great rock n’ roll lyrics: “If I hear you knockin’ hard upon my door, ain’t no way that I’m gonna answer it / ‘cause cheatin’ is one thing, and lyin’ is another, and when I saw it’s over, that’s it, I’m gonna quit!” That’s “Good Lovin’ Gone Bad” in a nutshell, right there!

Of course, what makes a lot of Bad Company’s music so special is Paul Rodger’s voice. It’s clearly made for rock music, and the crown jewel of every track and life performance. In my opinion, he’s one of the all-time rock vocalist greats, so sit back and enjoy some Bad Company!