1/10/18: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band “Turn the Page” 

I love this guy, and I’ve even been accused of looking like him! His music is consistently incredible, he’s a master storytelling and gifted singer/songwriter and all around rock n’ roll musician. I’m talking about Bob Seger, of course!

Seger is from the Detroit area, and started out way back in the day with a band called Bob Seger and The Last Heard, later The Bob Seger System. By the early ‘70s, he dropped the “system” party but was still finding success, if only mostly as a regional artist. All that changed when he put together The Silver Bullet Band with a bunch of other Motor City musicians and hit it big on the national state with a concert album called “Live Bullet.” It was a breakout hit for him, Seger became a superstar, and he’s been kickin’ it ever since!

The guy’s 72 years old now, and over the years he’s produced some great songs. Music about love, about working class concerns, about life both as a man on the street and as a famous public figure. He’s never really been one of those artists with high sex appeal and flash… he’s always been more of an everyman kind of guy. Of course, not everyone has the same unique – almost raspy – voice that he does! It’s always easy to recognize a Seger song, whether it’s “Night Moves,” “Like A Rock” or “Hollywood Night.” “Against the Wind” and “Roll Away” were always my favorites – those lyrics really give you something to think about. Today’s Music in My Head, though, is “Turn the Page!” It’s a tune he wrote while he was on the road, about the trials and tribulations in the rock star’s life on and off stage. It ain’t all glamourous, by any stretch of the imagination, and it takes a guy like Bob Seger to own up to that. It’s a true rock classic, and instantly recognizable from that lonely wail of a sad saxophone in the beginning.