Monitoring of UNC Accreditation Ends

The News & Observer reports that UNC is now no longer being monitored by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools’ Commission on Colleges for alleged academic misconduct. The commission informed UNC last month that the monitoring reports had ended and would no longer be requiring them from the university.

The monitoring was conducted to confirm that UNC was working to address issues with academic integrity that had been brought to the university’s attention by a number of African and Afro-American Studies department classes that did not meet.

The initial reporting did not meet with the standards of the commission, which therefore led to a second monitoring that UNC conducted in April.

The April report shows that 11 out of 46 students took another course, and a 12th student asked for a “challenge” exam to demonstrate their understanding of the subject in question, and none of the students asked for a review of their work for the classes.

The commission also requested that UNC give students in the questionable classes the chance to take alternate classes instead, meaning that students who had not graduated yet were unable to take these classes for a diploma.

UNC Sees No Accreditation Sanctions, Only Additional Monitoring

CHAPEL HILL – UNC’s accreditation agency will not sanction the university for the irregularities involving the department of African and Afro-American studies, according to a statement issued by Chancellor Holden Thorp.

With the decision, UNC will remain fully accredited and in good standing with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. The notification was part of a biannual review of the accreditation status of degree-granting higher education institutions in an 11-state region.

Carolina was advised by the SACSCOC “to take immediate steps” in January to comply with standards on academic policies, academic support services, and student records.

“We are very pleased with this decision,” Thorp said in a university-wide email. “Throughout this process, the University has been treated fairly by SACSCOC. We have provided information, responded to all questions, taken necessary actions and documented the comprehensive reforms that we have put in place over the past two years because of issues related to the unprofessional and unethical actions of two former department employees.”