Final Athlete Inducement Indictments To Be Unsealed

ORANGE COUNTY – Orange and Chatham counties’ District Attorney Jim Woodall says the final two indictments in the Unified Athlete Agents Act case could be unsealed by the end of this week.

Three people have already been charged with the nation’s first charges pertaining to the UAAA including UNC tutor Jennifer Thompson and Georgia-based real estate agent Patrick Jones and sports agent Terry Watson.

Watson faces 13 felony counts in violation of the UAAA and one count of obstruction of justice, according to court documents unsealed in early October.

Jones is thought to have been a runner for Watson while charges against Thompson focus on money, plane tickets, and hotel rooms she allegedly passed on from Watson to former UNC football player Greg Little.

Next Charged In UNC Football Scandal Might Appear Monday

ORANGE COUNTY – Orange and Chatham County District Attorney, Jim Woodall says a third person indicted on breaking the Uniformed Athlete Agents Act could make his or her first appearance in court Monday morning.

He says it is not confirmed that the court appearance will take place, but that he was told it might take place around 11:00 a.m.

Two people—former UNC tutor, Jennifer Thompson, and Georgia-based sports agent, Terry Watson—have already appeared in Hillsborough at the Orange County Courthouse on charges of breaking the UAAA. Five total indictments have been handed out.