Top of the Hill Looking for Break-In Suspects

Top of the Hill

Photo via Top of the Hill

Police are looking for information about a break-in at Top of the Hill restaurant on Sunday morning.

The suspects are accused of stealing three beer tap handles and damaging $500 worth of property, according to police reports.

The restaurant and bar posted pictures on Facebook of a man who they believe stole the taps and a woman who might have helped him.

Molly Drake, an event manager, said the suspect snuck through the kitchen into a private back room where he stole the taps.

“I guess in his overzealousness to steal one of them, he left the tap running, which ran and ran and ran for about an hour. We spilt something close to 500 pints of beer,” said Drake.

Photo via Top of the Hill

Photo via Top of the Hill

The crime occurred near closing time for the restaurant and it took a while before anyone had noticed what happened.

“We did not realize this was going on till we got a call from Walgreens saying that there was beer leaking through their ceiling,” said Drake.

Top of the Hill is still waiting to hear from Walgreens about how much damage was caused.

The restaurant is offering its own reward for more information.

“Right now we are offering a $200 gift certificate to Top of the Hill and then we are also offering a free keg of your choice,” said Drake.

Photo via Top of the Hill

Photo via Top of the Hill

If you have any information about this crime, call Chapel Hill Police.

OC Sheriff Seeks Two Suspects In Monday AM B&E

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department needs your help identifying two suspects of a residential breaking and entering that occurred late Monday morning.

A home near the intersection of Ivey Road and Old Greensboro Highway in Southwest Orange County was broken into at around 11:00 a.m. Monday. Two black males of medium height and build wearing zip-up hooded sweatshirts were caught on camera and were possibly seen fleeing in a white vehicle.

If anyone has information regarding the incident or can identify the men in the photos, call Sergeant Tim Horne at 919-245-2900 or Crime Stoppers at 919-942-7515. You can also email Sgt. Horne at

Securing Your Home During The Holidays

CHAPEL HILL – The Chapel Hill Police Department is stepping up patrol over the holiday season and warning homeowners and renters to make sure your possessions are secure.

Public Information Sgt. Bryan Walker says it’s even more important now to make sure all doors and windows are locked. And, he says having alarms and signs in the yard can be a major deterrent.

“Alarm systems, even if they aren’t connected to a central alarm company, can deter theft or can deter someone from breaking into your house, they don’t necessarily prevent it, but just seeing the alarm sign in front of the house, some criminals will move on” Walker states.

Toward the end of the holiday season as you take out your trash and recycling, Sgt. Walker says you should be cautious about advertising what new items you have.

“A bad guy can ride by your house, or walk by your house, and see the empty cardboard boxes that you’ve left out in recycling and know the types of items that you have just gotten for Christmas and that are sitting there in your house waiting to be stolen” Walker states.

Some of the ways to hide what new items are in the house are to turn the cardboard boxes inside out or take them to a recycling drop-off.

For more information on ways to keep your home safe in the Holiday Season click here.

Three NC Men Arrested In Series Of Wal-Mart Thefts

PITTSBORO – Authorities say three men from Henderson have been identified in connection with a theft ring that targeted Wal-Mart stores across central North Carolina.

A statement from the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office said an investigation involving police departments from Roxboro and Holly Springs led to the arrests.

Sheriff Richard Webster said investigators were able to identify the suspects after two thefts from a Wal-Mart on the Chatham-Orange county line. He said the smash-and-grab thefts netted $150,000 in electronic items.

Officials say 26-year-old James Drenell Branch is being held in the Wake County jail on unrelated charges. Authorities are still searching for 20-year-old Damien Lamar Bullock and 29-year-old Christopher Eugene Bullock. The three are each charged with two counts of felony larceny, shoplifting concealment of goods and conspiracy to commit felony larceny.