Two Restaurants Joining Target at Carolina Square

After month of rumors, developers officially announced that Target would be coming to downtown Chapel Hill’s Carolina Square on Thursday.

We also learned more about who would be joining the discount retailer in the new development which is currently under construction.

Pieology, a made-to-order pizza restaurant, and b.good, a farm-to-table fast-food chain, will both occupy space at Carolina Square.

This will be the third Triangle location for Pielogy.  The pizza restaurant features house-made crusts, signature sauces and dozens of fresh toppings.  Most of their custom pizzas are expected to cost less than $8.

The farm-to-table fast-food chain b.good specializes in local, natural and healthy quick serve food.  Their menu includes kale and grain bowls, seasonal salads, all-natural burgers, all-natural salads, smoothies, and more.  There are two other locations in Raleigh.

Cousins Properties Incorporated and Northwood Ravin are developing the location.  In a release, Jeff Furman, vice president of Northwood Ravin, said, “The addition of Target, Pieology and b.good to the project provides our residents and customers, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods and our UNC community, a unique and highly sought-after offering.”

Carolina Square is located at 123 W. Franklin Street.  Target, Pielogy, and b.good are all scheduled to open in the summer of 2017.  The development will include 246 apartment units and nearly 160,000 square feet of office space, in addition to the retail space.

Metro-Target to Carolina Square No Longer Rumors

The rumors of a metro-Target coming to downtown Chapel Hill appear to be nearing a reality.

Northwood Ravin’s Jeff Furman teased the crowd that was filling the room at the Franklin Hotel for the Friends of the Downtown monthly meeting on Thursday with more clues about the urban market set to occupy a major portion of Carolina Square.

“Unfortunately, right now, I still can’t say the name,” Furman said of the rumors. “But it is that, sort of, quintessential urban market.”

Throughout his presentation, Furman dropped more hints about the unnamed urban grocer that would be coming downtown, including when asked if the commercial occupants would have dedicated parking.

“That deck has about 650 spaces in it,” Furman said, “and we are striping off 30 spaces with a red bullseye.”

The rumors of a metro-Target occupying the development have been swirling for months with no formal confirmation, only hints and excitement.

The urban market will occupy the ground level of one of the buildings in the $123 million mixed-use development on Franklin Street. A groundbreaking was held last fall for Carolina Square and construction officially began earlier this year.

Furman estimated the construction was about 40 percent complete.

The development will include 246 apartment units and nearly 160,000 square feet of office space, in addition to the retail space. A $5 million performing arts center will also be in the space, courtesy of a partnership UNC.

The apartment units will range from studios to three bedrooms, Furman said, and will come with a price tag of $1,000 – $3,000 per month.

“It’s in an urban context so you’re going to have to get here,” Furman said after the meeting. “But the pitch is – once you’re here, you’ve got everything there at your fingertips.”

Furman said the addition of the urban market builds on the convenience factor of living in the downtown development.

“It’s part of that lifestyle,” Furman added. “All this is at your fingertips, so spend more time doing what you want to do or what you’d like to do and less time driving from Point A to Point B to Point C.

“You’ve got it all right here.”

Furman said the urban grocer is slated to open July 15, 2017 with other openings quickly following.

Rumors of Target to Downtown Chapel Hill Still Just Rumors…For Now

The possibility of a Target coming to downtown Chapel Hill is still just that, a possibility, for now.

“We are very, very hopeful – and I can’t confirm or deny the rumor about the business coming there yet, we’re still hopeful we can announce that soon,” Chapel Hill Mayor Pam Hemminger said at the WCHL Community Forum on Tuesday. The rumored business would potentially occupy the retail space in the Carolina Square development on Franklin Street.

“Which will add another dynamic to downtown and provide some opportunities for people to walk and get the things they need without having to get in the car or use transit,” Hemminger added.

Hemminger also clarified that if a Target were to be located downtown it would not resemble the Super Target located in Durham. It would instead be a Metro Target, which are incorporated into downtown locations across the country.

“They actually have a pickup window too,” Hemminger said. “You can order online and walk over and pick up whatever you need. But they have grocery options. And it fits into a building like Carolina Square versus being the normal strip mall-kind of look. It’s a very different kind of model.

“I’ve been in a few in Pittsburgh and Minneapolis; they’re well-used and well-liked amenities to a downtown.”

Grocery options for residents downtown and in the surrounding communities, or rather the lack thereof, has been a continued topic of conversation for Chapel Hill leaders.

While the rumors have persisted that Target could occupy the retail space in Carolina Square, it will still be a while before anything at all is located in the new development.

Construction began earlier in 2016 after the groundbreaking in the fall of last year on the site that will be home to one 11-story and two five-story buildings with about 246 apartment units, 159,000 square feet of office space and 42,000 square feet of retail space.

Construction is expected to be completed in the summer of 2017.

Poll Suggests Chapel Hill Is Open To Big Box Retail

CHAPEL HILL- Would a big box store be a boost to the tax base or a drain on the local economy? In Chapel Hill and Carrboro the debate has flourished for years.

Now Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling, says Chapel Hill may be ready to embrace at least one new name-brand store, and he’s got the numbers to prove it.

“There’s always been a lot of controversy over whether Chapel Hill would be open to a big box store, and what we found in this poll is that 56 percent of voters in town would like to have a Target in Southern Orange County,” says Jensen. “Only 15 percent are opposed to that idea.”

The proposed Obey Creek project across from Southern Village has been earmarked as a potential location for large-scale retail development, with Target as a possible anchor store.

Jensen also asked respondents how they’d feel about an Olive Garden in downtown Carrboro. While many in Orange and Chatham counties were receptive to the idea, Carrboro residents were not interested.

“Overall, voters in Orange and Chatham say they would support an Olive Garden in downtown Carrboro by a 44-35 margin,” says Jensen. What’s kind of funny when you break down the numbers is that voters in Carrboro itself are opposed to an Olive Garden- they don’t want it by a 55-33 margin.”

With many Orange County residents opening their property tax bills this time of year, Jensen says he thinks some taxpayers may be considering how to expand the commercial tax base.

The survey polled 484 registered voters living in Orange and Chatham counties. The margin of error is +/- 4.5 percent. You can find the full results here.