Summer Road Construction in Orange County

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has plans for a great number of projects in Orange County this summer. WCHL wants you to know what road work you can expect to encounter in the coming months.

Assistant Resident Engineer for the NCDOT, Trevor Spencer, explains what projects have begun already and which ones are set to start later this year, beginning with the interstate resurfacing plans.

“One of the projects that we have going on right now is an interstate resurfacing project on I-85, which actually begins at the I-40/I-85 split, and goes all the way to the Durham County line,” says Spencer. “Another project we have is NC-86 resurfacing. It’s a paving contract from Whitfield Road to Business 70 in Hillsborough.”

Spencer says there are also a couple of urban widening projects and a roundabout project that will be taking place over the course of the summer.

“Another project is Smith Level Road urban widening in Carrboro, which runs from Rock Haven Road at Carrboro High School down to the NC-54 interchange. Finally, there is a roundabout project at the intersection of Irwin Road and Mount Moriah Road in Orange County near the Durham County line.”

While there will be road closings and other such roadblocks that must be implemented in order to complete the works, Spencer described the large amount of precautions that the NCDOT have and will provide for Orange County citizens in order to circumvent the road constructions, including advertising signs, detours, police assistance, and more.

Despite the amount of road projects this summer, most look to be completed before the fall, according to Spencer.

“I-85 resurfacing is expected to be complete in mid-September,” says Spencer, “NC-86 resurfacing from Whitfield Road to Business Road in Hillsborough by mid-September, Smith Level Road in Carrboro by fall of 2015, and the roundabout project at Irwin Road and Mount Moriah Road by late August of this year.”

OWASA also plans to commence work this Monday, July 14th, that will close two of the lanes heading north through South Columbia Street from Monday until Friday. There are no plans to interrupt water, sewer, or other services, as they work to determine why a valve in a water line is not functioning. It is set to be completed in mid-August.

News Around Town: Chapel Hill Teen Week; Summer Road Construction

CHAPLE HILL – During the First Annual Chapel Hill Teen Week the Town of Chapel Hill will celebrate youth identity, youth voices, and youth driven activities April 8-13.

Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt formally stated the second week of April as Chapel Hill Teen Week.

The goal of Chapel Hill Teen Week is to emphasize the diversity of Chapel Hill’s teenage population.

Participants will receive free raffle tickets for an opportunity to win prizes such as UNC-CH gear, gift cards to local restaurants, and a private Bevello shopping experience with up to ten friends.

Events will take place at Street Scene Teen Center under the Post Office at 179 E. Franklin St. The events start at 6:30 p.m. and are as follows:

April 8- Café and Trivia Night
April 9- A Cappella Sing Off and Battle of the Fans
April 10- Unified Theatre Performance
April 11- Unity Club: Zombies vs. Humans
April 12- Improv Comedy Night
April 13- Youth Fest

Youth Fest will wrap up Chapel Hill Teen Week. It will take place on the Wallace Plaza on Rosemary Street behind Street Scene. There will be live performers at this event including the Emerging Artists Series, Sacrificial Poets, UNC Wordsmiths, and then Dominant Young Souls Dance Group. There are spots available for other performers as well.

For information about Teen Week events, “Like” CHC Teen Week on Facebook or “Follow” @CHCTeenWeek on Twitter.

To host an outreach table at Youth Fest or support Teen Week by donating food or raffle items, contact Samathryn Witham Cleveland at or 216-374-3752.


This summer in the Southern section of the Chapel Hill and Carrboro community there will be numerous road construction projects which will eventually allow transportation benefits valued at over $11 million.

The 2013 summer Road Construction Project includes the OWASA/UNC East Cameron water main installation, widening South Columbia St., widening a section of the Smith Level Rd. in Carrboro, extending the Morgan Creek Trail, and completion of Ridge Road construction between Manning Drive and Boshamer Stadium.

The OSAWA/UNC East Cameron project will install a single water main to replace three 60 to 85-year old water mains spanning about 800 feet of East Cameron Ave. There will also be two new UNC Chilled water mains installed. Construction for this will begin mid-May following spring commencement and will likely last three months.

A 0.8 mile widening will take place on S. Columbia St. to allow for a center lane and bus pullouts. Sidewalks and bike lanes will also be added. The project began in November and is likely to be completed in July 2014.

The Smith Level Rd. will be widened between Rock Haven Rd. and the bridge over Morgan Creek to include bike lanes, sidewalks, and turn lanes. The project recently began and will likely be finished in June 2014.

The Morgan Creek Trail project will include a 1,200 foot extension with two bridges and an underpass of Culbreth Rd. The Eastern end of Culbreth Rd. will be closed from June 8 until August 25, 2013 in order to construct the pedestrian tunnel.

A few hundred feet of curb will be replaced on Ridge Road.

The Town of Chapel Hill offers an e-mail service to give road condition updates as well as other traffic news. To sign up for these emails, visit and click on the box “Traffic Advisories. Next enter your e-mail, click the subscribe button, and enable your spam filter to allow emails from

For more information, contact Deputy Chief Robert Bosworth at 919-968-2814 or Public Information Officer Catherine Lazorko at 919-969-5055 or