FORD CORNERS: A Silver Lining

The Duke game was ugly, there’s no doubt about that if you are a Carolina fan. But, with young kids, that can happen when the unexpected happens. We’re still trying to figure out our roles and we had been playing well. After the...

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  Watching the Miami game while listening to Doris Burke’s analysis was a bad combo for a Tar Heel fan this weekend. We weren’t playing well and Ms. Burke was singing Miami’s praises. The discussion of Miami as a #1 seed didn’t...

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Be Good At Things That Matter

I grew up caddying at Oakmont Country Club just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  It is a great golf course that hosts major tournaments regularly.  Some of my coaching philosophy was developed there as a teenager helping...

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Those Cheating Ways

When the Tar Heels visit Duke Saturday night, they will be playing one of only 44 major colleges that have never been placed on NCAA probation in football. It used to be 45 before UNC got hit with the three years in 2011. Those...

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Best Of Both Worlds

I think highly of Bud Foster, the DC at Virginia Tech.  He coaches an interesting defensive scheme and I wonder why more teams don’t run it.  They describe their defense as a 4-2-5, that is four defensive lineman, two...

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A Coach's Choice

Duke’s Hall of Fame Coach Mike Krzyzewski is very likely one of only two people on the planet who knows what happened with his former player Lance Thomas during the 2009-10 season.  The other person is Thomas. Krzyzewski has to...

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The Irish: Nowhere Else To Go

Sure, it is a boon for the ACC to add fabled Notre Dame as its 15th school, but let’s look beyond the lore of Touchdown Jesus to the reality of the situation.   Notre Dame, at least for now, will not be a football member of the...

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Louisville More Explosive

UNC and Louisville are very different teams from when they played each other last year. The Cards made offensive staff changes in the middle of last season, and of course we are all familiar with the total overhaul at UNC. Our...

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