College World Series Stare

Today is Monday, June 27, 2016.  Red Cross deals with racism claims.  A governor’s wife gets a job as a waitress.  See the College World Series stare.

Red Cross Deals With Racism Claims

The Red Cross is apologizing for a pool sign that some believe is “super racist.”  The poster is titled “Be Cool Follow the Rules.”  It features children playing in the pool.  The rule followers are “cool” and the rule breakers are “not cool’  However, most of the cool kids are white while the black kids are not cool.  John Sawyer noticed the sign and shared it on Twitter.

The Red Cross quickly apologized on Twitter.  “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re removing this from our site immediately & are creating new materials.”

Governor’s Wife is a Waitress

Maine Governor Paul LePage makes a $70,000 salary.  That’s the lowest salary for any United States governor.

To supplement that income, his wife has gotten a job as a waitress.  She’s saving to buy a car.

The College World Series Stare

A kid in the crowd of a Coastal Carolina game against TCU at the College World Series is getting a ton of attention.

It’s that stare.

Deadspin shared video of this champion.

28th Annual Carolina Blood Drive Exceeds Expectations

UNC collected 842 pints of blood at the 28th annual Carolina Blood Drive on Tuesday, surpassing the goal of 830 pints organizers had set.

A release says the 842 pints collected pushed UNC over 25,000 pints collected since 1998.

Superior Court Judge Carl Fox – who is battling cancer and is working to raise awareness about the need for bone marrow donors through the “Save the Fox” campaign – thanked the crowd for their donations.

“I have donated blood, but never thought I would need blood,” Fox said to a crowd of blood donors at the Smith Center during the drive. “I am here to say thank you because the blood from people like you kept me alive.”

“Every day, the Red Cross needs about 800 donations to meet the needs of about 100 regional hospitals in the Carolinas region,” Red Cross spokesperson Krystal Overmyer said in a release. “The fact that UNC donors gave well over that amount yesterday is proof of the generous spirit of UNC community and its commitment to making a difference. The pints donated are especially appreciated during this challenging summer period, a time when we often struggle to collect enough blood to meet patient needs. We are extremely grateful for the entire UNC community for supporting our mission of helping save lives.”

OWASA Hosting Blood Drive Tuesday

OWASA and the American Red Cross are holding a blood drive from 10 o’clock until 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

The blood drive will be held in the community room on the lower floor of the OWASA administration building at 400 Jones Ferry Road, Carrboro.

Ryan Corcoran is the donor recruitment director for the Carolinas Blood Services Region. He says blood donations tend to decline around the holidays.

“But patients don’t get a holiday from needing blood. The Red Cross encourages the community to come forward with OWASA to give the gift of life.”

Donors must be in general good health, have photo identification, weigh at least 110 pounds and be 17 years old. 16 year olds may participate with parental consent. All donors under 18 must meet height and weight requirements.

Walk-ins are welcome after noon. For appointment information visit the Red Cross website.

Carrboro Family Displaced by Fire

A fire in Carrboro displaced five residents from their home, according to officials.

Carrboro Fire crews responded to a structure fire at 204 Cates Farm Road at 11:32 on Sunday night.

Carrboro Fire_5

Firefighters found smoke and heavy fire coming from the roof of the home. Firefighters from Carrboro, Chapel Hill, North Chatham, Orange Grove, New Hope, and White Cross Fire Departments were able to get the fire under control in approximately 45 minutes.

The Red Cross is assisting the family.

Carrboro Fire Marshal Kent Squires says the cause of the fire is still under investigation. An agent from the State Bureau of Investigation who specializes in these cases is assisting the fire department.

No injuries resulted from the fire.

UNC Blood Drive Exceeds Their Goal

The 26th Annual Carolina Blood Drive at the Dean E. Smith Center exceeded its goal by collecting over 850 units of blood this year.

Regional Communications Officer for Triangle Region American Red Cross, Lu Esposito, was exceptionally excited about the results of the drive.

“It went very well,” says Esposito. “We had the goal of 850 units, and we actually collected 990 units of blood.”

In association with the American Red Cross, UNC worked to collect blood given by helpful and generous donors from students, to staff, to individuals all across the Chapel Hill community.

Krispy Kreme, Chik-Fil-A, Insomnia Cookies, and Panera Bread, all participated in the event. These sponsors provided donors with their own extra delicious incentive, from cookies, to donuts, and more, for giving blood.

Prizes were given out to several participants as UNC was able to surpass their own goal by collecting the 990 units of blood. UNC and the Triangle Red Cross have expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of generosity to those who sponsored the event, as well as to those who took the time to donate their own blood for such an admirable cause.

“There is not substitute for blood. People’s donations are really the only option for a blood supply,” reminds Esposito. “We appreciate our donors so much and our partners like UNC that spend months putting large drives like this together, and collect almost a thousand units at one time, during the summer months when we need it the most.”

Carolina Blood Drive

The UNC Community has another chance to save thousands of lives at the annual Carolina Blood Drive Tuesday at the Dean Smith Center.

Students, staff and members of the Chapel Hill community are encouraged to donate blood to the Carolinas Region of the American Red Cross, which has helped collect almost 23,000 units of blood to save lives and increase treatments in various hospitals since coming to Chapel Hill 26 years ago.

This year’s goal is set at collecting 850 pints of blood.

To thank donors for participating, refreshments from restaurants such as Krispy Kreme, Chik-Fil-A, Insomnia Cookies and Panera Bread are available. Donors and volunteers can also enjoy visits from UNC Head Football Coach Larry Fedora as well as Athletic Director Bubba Cunningham, with the chance to win various door prizes throughout the day.

You can schedule an appointment or to sign up as a volunteer by clicking here.

Listen to Ron Stutts’ interview with the organizers:

Flood Insurance Study; OWASA Blood Drive; Non-Profit Funding

CHAPEL HILL – A new Orange County Flood Insurance Study will be held in meeting room A at the Chapel Hill Public Library from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on December 18.

Residents and businesses are invited to review the flood hazard and flood risk data.  Beginning at 4:00 p.m., data will be presented on computers and layered over the County’s parcel.  At 5:00 p.m. a brief presentation will be given by the NC Floodplain Risk Mapping Program and from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the public may ask questions.

For more information click here.


On December 27, OWASA will hold an American Red Cross Blood Drive from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00p.m. and needs your support.

The blood drive will be in the community room on the lower floor of OWASA’s AdministrationBuilding.  People who come out to donate will receive a free Red Cross long sleeve shirt.

Appointments are recommended to move through quickly, but walk-ins are welcome after noon.


The Human Services Advisory Board is accepting applications from outside agencies and non-profits for funding during the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

Forms are available online for non-profits human service agencies serving Chapel Hill.  All applications should be electronically submitted or delivered to Chapel Hill Human Services Coordinator Jackie Thompson by 5:00 p.m. January 24.

For more information call Jackie Thomson at 919-968-2760.

Typhoon Aftermath: Triangle Red Cross Helps Families Locate Relatives

CHAPEL HILL – As the death toll from typhoon Haiyan nears 4000, efforts here in the Triangle are on-going to assist the victims recovering in the Philippines. Lu Esposito of the American Red Cross says that the aid extends beyond fundraising and donations.

“Through the Red Cross, we can try to find that family member and connect the two so that they know that their family member is safe, or they know what has happened to their family in the Philippines,” Esposito says.

Esposito, the Regional Communications Officer for the Red Cross Triangle Area Chapter, says her office is currently working with four families to locate relatives in the Philippines. One case was closed because the family was able to make contact.

The family linking system works on a global basis, pooling together all of the Red Cross’ communication systems. In events like the  typhoon, phone lines and internet often aren’t functioning, and families cannot reach each other.

“We actually have four specialists there now that are working with telecommunications from the United State as well as other countries who have sent telecommunications specialists in,” Esposito says.

On November 8, the typhoon decimated entire communities, leaving nearly 2 million people displaced, close to 12,500 injured and thousands missing, as reported by CNN.

Red Cross workers arrived shortly after the typhoon, one of the most powerful ever recorded,  slammed into the Philippines.

“They are out on the ground looking for those people one-by-one. It is very much as grassroots effort on the ground in the Philippines to find those people,” Esposito says.  She adds, “Our global network can come together with so many societies from so many different countries. The Philippines Red Cross is leading the response efforts and it is the largest global are the largest global humanitarian organization in the Philippines.”

The Triangle Red Cross is helping to collect donations and working with those who want to hold charity benefits. Esposito estimates that more than $60,000 has donated to the local chapter  so far.

On a national level, the Red Cross has contributed an initial $6 million to fund response efforts.

To make a donation, you can call 1-800-RedCross, or can visit

If you are unable to contact a relative in the Philippines, you can call the Red Cross at 919.231.1602 to initiate a family tracing case.

How To Help After Typhoon Haiyan

I’ll get back to the regular programming tomorrow, but let’s pause for a minute and turn our attention to something that’s really important.

Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines on Friday with 195-mph winds; it’s one of the strongest storms ever recorded, and officials are saying 10,000 may be dead. (For comparison’s sake, that’s about six times the death toll of Hurricane Katrina.) It also tore entire cities apart, driving hundreds of thousands from their homes—and it’s heading for Vietnam, weaker but still extremely strong, so the devastation may not be over.

The relief effort is already ongoing, but agencies need your support.

If you want to contribute financially to the cause, here are eight organizations currently organizing active relief efforts in response to the typhoon, to which you can contribute:

The American Red Cross



The Philippine Red Cross

The Salvation Army

Save the Children

World Food Program USA

World Vision

We’re a long way away from the Philippines and this is just a tiny blog, but if everyone who sees this clicks on one of those links and donates even a little bit, we can raise thousands of dollars easily.

This is the most important thing happening in the world right now, guys.

Flood Recovery Center Moves From Smith MS To U-Mall

CHAPEL HILL – With the recovery from last weekend’s flood entering a new phase, the Red Cross has closed its emergency shelter at Smith Middle School and opened an Assistance Center at University Mall.

Beginning on Saturday, residents displaced or otherwise affected by the flood can receive aid at the new Assistance Center, which will remain open as long as it’s needed. It will be open seven days a week: 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday to Saturday, and 1:00-6:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Chapel Hill and Carrboro were hit with massive flooding in a torrential downpour last Sunday afternoon. Since then, the Red Cross has provided 770 meals, more than 2000 snacks, and more than a hundred overnight stays at the emergency shelter at Smith.

In addition to the Assistance Center, the Red Cross has also set up a 24-hour help line for people in need of assistance or information. That number is 919-489-6541, extension 4141.

You can also call the Assistance Center directly at any of four numbers: 903-0676, 903-0677, 903-0678, or 903-0679.